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In this category, the site you can find the most interesting and diverse game rpg online. This genre emerged one of the first video, so its history, managed to acquire legendary names. Anyone who loves to play adventure games to play, knows that the purpose of many of these games is to get a certain level of under certain conditions. It should be noted that these conditions can vary significantly, affecting the overall style of the game. For example, in the classic adventure games and their sequels game character has a certain reserve of vital energy or a specific number of lives. Reduce the stocks of different enemies, traps and obstacles. Thus, from the enemies you can either fight back or escape. The same obstacles and traps. Therefore rpg games involve gentle passage with the correct interaction with the environment. Some quests for passing certain levels can be assigned a specific amount of time. In this case, pass the levels must not only accurately, but also quickly. In some games this category character can pick different bonuses that are on the level. This will replenish the number of lives, improve the ability of any character or earn extra points. In addition, some items provide access to secret levels. As has been said, as a genre of adventure games have been around for a long time. That is why if you love to play games free rpg, you should know that many of their names are very famous. For example, even far from the games people are likely to have heard at least something about the famous game series Super Mario. In games of this series tells the dramatic story of a kidnapped princess. Goes in search of beauty brave plumber named Mario, and sometimes he helps his brother Luigi. Each level of Super Mario Bros., you have the allotted time. It should be a virtuoso jump over obstacles, jump on the heads of enemies and earn gold coins. Similar concepts and have such famous series of games like Sonic the Hedgehog adventure, or a famous hero Megamena. Of course, there are quite new and no less interesting games in this category. They take you to the old days of fantastic worlds, the familiar we are with you now, or in the dark, and can be a bright future. You can feel like a knight, a wizard, a traveler, a superhero, space scientist and many whom. Thus, play adventure games for free, with pleasure and interest can be specifically dedicated to this category of games on our web site. Enjoy the game!

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Online games tanks

Adventure Games for TANKI.UA

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Run Bolt Run

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Wolverine: Cutting Sentinel

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Fireboy and Wathergirl in the Forest Temple

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Legend Of Johnny

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Cursed Cave Crusad

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Conquest

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Naruto Adventure

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Fantastic Trio

Game Meaty Boner online

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Pick and Dig 3

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Game Silent Residence online

Silent Residence

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Escape from the Dragon

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King dungeons

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one mans doomsday 2

Game  online

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cube me i am a transformer

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