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Many people like to play fighting games. This is not surprising, because these games are impregnated with off-scale level of action. If you belong to the lovers of this genre, this section of the site you just like it, because here you can find dozens of exciting games. In principle, fighting games can be divided into several subcategories. So, many of them are based on the stories of famous movies or in some way connected with them. Certainly many people like the famous Asian movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. At some point, these movies have become a real discovery for the film industry because of the stunning setting of fights with a lot of dangerous and spectacular stunts. No doubt the heroes of these games are sure to be that good with his fists and take full advantage of this principle. Of course, not always easy to play for the good guys or the police. After the game, and will have to fight for the famous superheroes: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man and others. Sometimes the characters come across and villains. Many of these games besides dizzy and brain twisting fights present interesting stories. Many flash games in this category can be attributed to sports entertainment. Such games allow free fights feel like a celebrity athlete. Or, conversely, novice fighters. Specifies that you like boxing, karate, kickboxing, or other form of martial arts and play. Typically, these games will have to compete in various championships, gradually overcoming resistance rivals on the way to the final battle. And in order to be ready for any opponent, you can get training sparring. Of course, many of the games in this section is an adaptation of the popular video game. Famous game series like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter and others evoke pleasant memories. Main feature of these games is the combat system. In every battle involving the characters with their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, each of them has their own technique and super hits. During the fighting, have literally play the keyboard like a piano in order to pick up the deadly combination of punches and jumps. Therefore, before the start of each game, if possible, look at the basis of management, and even better - go to education or training fights. All this will help you to not just beat his hands and feet in a random order, and show miracles combo attacks. In short, play games, fights are very interesting and exciting. In addition, these games are the perfect means by which to restore peace of mind and calm your nerves after a hard day. Play free games best fights on our gaming site http://tanki.

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