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From the earliest stages of the development of civilization man dreaming thoughts of conquering the skies. And a few centuries ago, it was hard to imagine that a man can not fly just like a bird, but faster and farther. It is this fact can explain the popularity of a variety of aircraft simulators. Unfortunately, even today, only a small part of people can afford to operate aircraft. But his desire to flight can be to some extent to meet in virtual space. Of course, in the case of flash games can not be any question of sufficiently reliable flight simulators. However, they do not have the need. After the game Fly online, are on our website, created primarily to entertain. Of course, playing online letalki interesting, because in a few tens of seconds after the player can soar into the blue heavens. And the games in this category, even though the overall theme can be quite different from each other. Must begin, of course, from the classic games on the planes. They usually focus on one or another combat. Air Force received its first application in the First World War. Those are not so distant past heavenly aces fought like true knights. Even in spite of the numerical superiority of any of the parties, were widespread duel between the two pilots. It was then that the pilots and started using all sorts of stunts to deceive the opponent to escape from enemy fire and come out the winner of the bout. Because at stake was the life of the pilot. After a time, enough to replace the archaic aircraft on a screw rod came jets. This dramatically changed the air battles. In games, dedicated later stages of the Second World and the subsequent decades, players are given to fly on formidable fighters, attack planes and bombers. Therefore, the main aim of the game is not only a victory in the air, but the bombing targets on the ground and in the air. Of course, in addition to aircraft in these games are and spacecraft. In this case, the authors of the game take us into the future, which will have to fight with the enemies in space or on the surface of distant planets and asteroids. Definitely lacking in that category and fun games. In them, as the aircraft can be used, anything, from the rocket pack, grenades rivals and ending sleigh of Santa Claus. Anyway, no matter what game lovers have chosen virtual flights, frustrated, they obviously will not go. After games on our website for high quality, interesting, free and always close at hand. Play free online Fly best games on our gaming site TANKI.

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