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Want to play something, but no time or desire to think about the choice of a particular category of games? No problem! Just open this section and feel free to play into the first game. It's like to run his hand in a bag of sweets, in fact on our website you will find the best mini games around the Internet. No exaggeration to say that, in this section you will find a super game for girls and boys. Let us try to grasp the immensity and describe a few of them. It often happens that the most popular game is very difficult to attribute to any particular genre. For example, can be described as a game in which you need to save a little red-faced piece of toast? Or a game where you have to flirt with a kitten? However, in spite of its strangeness, these games are quite fascinating. Of course, cool games for girls as possible to meet in this section. For example, you can help bouncing bear conquer new heights. And you can take a virtual one plate of oranges and squeeze it in your hand. Why? For what purpose? Hard to say. But the game is still fun! There are games, dedicated to the destruction of something. It can be a single building or even an entire city district. Yes you can and destroy as special equipment and treacherous bombing. You can also try themselves in the difficult task of throwing critters guns. To do this, just need to find the right angle, the strength of the charge and a pair of wool volunteers who are likely to think it's on the wiretap forest talent contest. Another one the best games for girls allow you to create stunning dishes, among which the first, second, and snacks from sweet rice balls. If you do not like cooking, you can pick up some absurd outfit for the costume party or carnival celebrations. If you want to set foot on the path of war, but we can try to protect a military base, castle, an orbiting space station or a room with toys. And you can win yourself some neighboring kingdom-state. Some games will not destroy but to create. For example, to build ships, houses, repair robots or pick interior and exterior of the house for the Smurfs. Many in this category as well, and every hodilok brodilok, quests. However, from the classic games of the series, they differ strange story, or unusual protagonists. For example, as you like to control a dragon, a pacifist, or a princess, which is in a beautiful dress on a horse jumping over obstacles? In short, in this section you can find the most original flash games that will brighten up your spare time, or even an extra hour of your time. In return, you get big portions of pleasure and joy. Play for free at the best of the best mini-games on our gaming site TANKI.

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