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War as much old as mankind. The history of civilization - a history of wars. The destruction of a person's blood and there's no getting away from it. In the rare hours of quiet boys still kept fighting, playing "voynushki." And adults uncle fought a duel and staged jousting. The best minds of all ages were busy perfecting what the murder weapon. With the development of computer technology the opportunity to meet their "bloodlust," one is not killing. And given this opportunity to shoot the game. These games have been some of the first computer games they were playing more on consoles. They were two-dimensional, rather primitive, but, nevertheless, your son for a few hours each day immersed in virtual fights. And he's not tired. Time passed consoles, and they were replaced by online games shoot. Shoot, or as they are called - shooters do not require powerful engines, install, even three-dimensional graphics are not mandatory. They can simply poprikalyvatsya, smearing the enemy cores on the wall. Play shoot always exciting. Control in these games is very simple - to aim and push. But do not think that it's just - you need to have a sure eye, a steady hand, a lot of dexterity and skill that comes with experience. Another difficulty is that the online game shoot often have kept, and, after losing, you have to start all over again. So you have to try and show all their skills in a single game. Simple shooter may represent a target that you want to just have to aim. Here's a more complicated shoot have their story. You have to learn the magic of fighting, firing from the hordes of goblins or accurate shots to destroy the mafia catch up with you. Sometimes you will be offered himself as a special forces soldier or fighter pilot. There is a free online shooting game, united by one theme. In them you are the sniper - loners. These games require special attention and skill. They have very good graphics and are quite popular among those who appreciate marksmanship. Game - shoot give the opportunity to practice shooting from the most exotic weapons. Blowguns South American Indians, pirate guns, bows and arrows, all kinds of guns - just not counted. And in games with a fantastic story you are given into the hand blasters, disintegrating and annihilators. But, despite the difficulty of shooting game, the type of weapon and the plot - these games have always loved and in demand.

Tanks game online

Online games tanks

Shoot game online on TANKI.UA

Game Raze online


Game Bazooka Battle 2 online

Bazooka Battle 2

Game Sharp Trigger online

Sharp Trigger

Game Kings Game online

Kings Game

Game Unreal Flash 3 online

Unreal Flash 3

Game Samurai Bow online

Samurai Bow

Game  online

Game City Siege 3: Jungle Siege online

City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

Game AutobotStronghold online


Game The Rambo Bros online

The Rambo Bros

Game Plasma burst online

Plasma burst

Game Mafia Shootout online

Mafia Shootout

Game Russian Tank Vs Hitler's Army online

Russian Tank Vs Hitler's Army

Game Maniac Killer online

Maniac Killer

Game Sand Castle online

Sand Castle

Game Tanks online


Game Survival online


Game Skull Hunter - Level Pack online

Skull Hunter - Level Pack

Game Zombotron online


Game BattleCity 2 online

BattleCity 2

Game Bird Hunter online

Bird Hunter

Game Head Hunter 2 online

Head Hunter 2

Game Sniper Hostile Territory online

Sniper Hostile Territory

Game Dangerous online


Game BC Bow Contest online

BC Bow Contest

Game Shooter Max online

Shooter Max

Game Blazing Assassin online

Blazing Assassin

Game Castle Canon online

Castle Canon

Game Dangerous road online

Dangerous road

Game Silent Killer online

Silent Killer

Game GunBlood online


Game Bow Chief online

Bow Chief

Game Sift Heads World 4 online

Sift Heads World 4

Game Strike Force: Heroes  online

Strike Force: Heroes

Game Sniper Duty online

Sniper Duty

Game Days of The Dead online

Days of The Dead

Game Let The Bullet Fly online

Let The Bullet Fly

Game Micro tanks online

Micro tanks

Game Pearl Harbor online

Pearl Harbor

Game Stop MP online

Stop MP

Game Zombie Train online

Zombie Train

Game Camperwars Desert Ops online

Camperwars Desert Ops

Game Sea fight online

Sea fight

Game Survive Crisis online

Survive Crisis

Game Arsenal 2 Romanov Files online

Arsenal 2 Romanov Files

Game Fortress Guardian 2: The Dark Malice online

Fortress Guardian 2: The Dark Malice

Game Wild West Showdown online

Wild West Showdown

Game Black Devilfish online

Black Devilfish

Game BattleCity 1.3 online

BattleCity 1.3

Game Hooks Dart Camp online

Hooks Dart Camp

Game Wrath of Evil online

Wrath of Evil

Game Medieval archer 3 online

Medieval archer 3

Game Strike Force Heroes 3  online

Strike Force Heroes 3

Game Bullet Overflow online

Bullet Overflow

Game Zone of War online

Zone of War

Game 5 Killer Sniper: The Final Flight  online

5 Killer Sniper: The Final Flight

Game Turret Tower Titans online

Turret Tower Titans

Game Friendly Transformers online

Friendly Transformers

Game Battle snipers online

Battle snipers

Game Sparks of War online

Sparks of War

Game Keep defense online

Keep defense

Game Spartans to the Rescue online

Spartans to the Rescue

Game Zombie Stalker online

Zombie Stalker

Game Sandcastle: ancient invasion online

Sandcastle: ancient invasion

Game 2112 Cooperation chapter 2 online

2112 Cooperation chapter 2

Game Battle of Kursk online

Battle of Kursk

Game Special operation online

Special operation

Game Night of the Cursed online

Night of the Cursed

Game  online

Game BattleCity 1.4 online

BattleCity 1.4

Game 2112 Cooperation chapter 5 online

2112 Cooperation chapter 5

Game Mystical Battle online

Mystical Battle

Game Kiss The Darts online

Kiss The Darts

Game Shooter World War 4 online

Shooter World War 4

Game Rapid Gun 3 online

Rapid Gun 3

Game Sniper Assassin 3 online

Sniper Assassin 3

Game Zombies In Da House online

Zombies In Da House

Game Sea fight online

Sea fight

Game Cowboys online


Game Strike Force Heroes 2  online

Strike Force Heroes 2

Game Day to die online

Day to die

Game Desert Rifle 2 online

Desert Rifle 2

Game Shot Shot Pirate online

Shot Shot Pirate

Game Lock N Load online

Lock N Load

Game Random Heroes online

Random Heroes

Game Awesome Tanks 2 online

Awesome Tanks 2

Game City Siege online

City Siege

Game  online

Game First Person Shooter In Real Life 3 online

First Person Shooter In Real Life 3

Game  online

Game Fighting terrorists online

Fighting terrorists

Game Destroy 2 Masyanya online

Destroy 2 Masyanya

Game Gangsta online


Game Fortress Guardian online

Fortress Guardian

Game Super Fighters online

Super Fighters

Game Training camp online

Training camp

Game Super Battle City online

Super Battle City

Game Tank World Domination online

Tank World Domination

Game awesome tanks 2 online

awesome tanks 2

Game Highway Pursuit online

Highway Pursuit

Game Army copter online

Army copter

Game Tank Travel online

Tank Travel

Game The detachment online

The detachment

Game Panzer Ops online

Panzer Ops

Game Cowboys School online

Cowboys School

Game Obama vs Santa online

Obama vs Santa

Game  online

Game Bullet Fury online

Bullet Fury

Game CS Golden Sniper online

CS Golden Sniper

Game Battleship online


Game High Noon Ranger online

High Noon Ranger

Game Transformers The energon within online

Transformers The energon within

Game Defend the castle of King online

Defend the castle of King

Game Bob and Joe online

Bob and Joe

Game Zombie Attack online

Zombie Attack

Game Robots invaders online

Robots invaders

Game heavy legion online

heavy legion

Game stealth prowler online

stealth prowler

Game Heli attack 2 online

Heli attack 2

Game Combat operation online

Combat operation

Game Sniper online


Game Strong Bow online online

Strong Bow online

Game Tank Storm 1 online

Tank Storm 1

Game Snow Battle Kick Butovsky online

Snow Battle Kick Butovsky

Game S.W.A.T. Tank online

S.W.A.T. Tank

Game Blazing Assassin online

Blazing Assassin

Game Tank World Hero online

Tank World Hero

Game Risky Darts online

Risky Darts

Game ballistica online


Game  online

Game Celebrity Darts online

Celebrity Darts

Game Angry Zeppelins 2 online

Angry Zeppelins 2

Game S.W.A.T. Unit 3 online

S.W.A.T. Unit 3

Game Tank Blitz - Zero online

Tank Blitz - Zero

Game Tank Storm 2 online

Tank Storm 2

Game Water Balloons online

Water Balloons

Game tank destroyer online

tank destroyer

Game Zorro Tank v 1.0 online

Zorro Tank v 1.0

Game Tankomania online


Game Tank Guardians 1.25 online

Tank Guardians 1.25

Game Ultimate Tank Defender online

Ultimate Tank Defender

Game Plunder Squad: The Temple Heist online

Plunder Squad: The Temple Heist

Game Shooting online


Game Defense Unit online

Defense Unit

Game epic defender online

epic defender

Game Coaster Racer 3 online

Coaster Racer 3

Game  online

Game Killing Team 2 online

Killing Team 2

Game Tank Storm 3 online

Tank Storm 3

Game 3D Tank online

3D Tank

Game Modern Tanks online

Modern Tanks

Game ultimate cannon strike 2 online

ultimate cannon strike 2

Game  online

Game Terror Trench online

Terror Trench

Game this is my planet online

this is my planet

Game last tank standing online

last tank standing

Game mad tanks online

mad tanks

Game War Machines online

War Machines

Game epic defense online

epic defense

Game metal arena hd online

metal arena hd

Game metal slug rampage 3 online

metal slug rampage 3

Game momentum missile mayhem online

momentum missile mayhem

Game ROBOTANKS online


Game w-zone online


Game Angry Zeppelins online

Angry Zeppelins

Game no more reinforcements online

no more reinforcements

Game Kill the two zombies online

Kill the two zombies

Game bird invader online

bird invader

Game desert defense online

desert defense

Game turret defense 3d online

turret defense 3d

Game raging steel online

raging steel

Game turbo tank online

turbo tank

Game Cobra Squad vs Ultimate Tank War online

Cobra Squad vs Ultimate Tank War

Game Desert Strike Force online

Desert Strike Force

Game tanks gone wild online

tanks gone wild

Game Lots of Tanks online

Lots of Tanks

Game Super Metal Armor online

Super Metal Armor

Game bomb storm online

bomb storm

Game battle tank online

battle tank

Game breaking point online

breaking point

Game magnetic tank online

magnetic tank

Game mission of tank online

mission of tank

Game metal arena 3 online

metal arena 3

Game alpha turret online

alpha turret

Game alien attack online

alien attack

Game tank forces online

tank forces

Game operation desert sabre online

operation desert sabre

Game hero tank online

hero tank

Game blast your enemies online

blast your enemies

Game turret defence online

turret defence

Game deadly road battle online

deadly road battle

Game popa online


Game frog battle online

frog battle

Game truth battle online

truth battle

Game battlefields online


Game TANK SOLDIER online


Game tank 2012 online

tank 2012

Game army assault online

army assault

Game war tank destroyer online

war tank destroyer

Game battle tank shoot online

battle tank shoot