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Game "Formula 1" in 2010 caused a wave of approval of sports fans, and especially fans of racing. Codemasters went further in 2011 released the next version of the simulator dedicated to the royal race in Singapore. This is, still, high-quality performance that can coerce players to win new victories. Games Formula 1 - this great sports simulators, which reproduced perfectly simulated racing car and its behavior on the track. While driving you will understand how sensitive to make the management and as difficult to pass at least one track from start to finish. Developers had a truly great work, creating the effect of participation in the races themselves, as well as changing the structure of the rubber tires, wear and tear, and displays itself on the track. Even if you are not an expert in this area, it is still very soon be able to tell the difference between the softer and harder tires. Wear and grip will influence during the race. Unlike previous versions of the game Formula 1, now we have a more thorough approach to the pit stop. You can no longer delay the stop and go a couple of laps on worn tires, as in the previous game. Innovation in the form of options KERS (kinetic energy adjustment) and DRS (system control rear wing) make a imbalance in the gameplay. These options are available in these races and involve pilots buttons on the steering wheel controls, but in the game it makes a certain chaos and the need to retrain during the passage of some trails. Besides constantly having trouble with these systems, which is not a plus. But when the system work, and the player gets used to a bit of innovation, their use brings its advantages. KERS during braking accumulates a certain charge, which allows you to use it to go along the route in a straight line as the source of the surplus return of the engine. DRS allows a little let down force, which results in more efficient power. When the rear wing opens, car overcomes much less air resistance, which is certainly a beneficial effect on the rate of acceleration in a straight line and help overtaking. A novelty in the new version of the game is the Formula 1 safety car. But, in fact, it is not even evident and behind the scenes at the track. As before, you will demonstrate your skills in flying cars teams outsiders. Opponents will behave on the road toward you, as if you are not there at all, and will continue to move in its desired path. An exception may be a time when you deliberately want to push off the track. Penalties for such behavior they will not get any, but you may suffer hurl. A similar situation to the pit stop, when the service is all the mechanics, who have decided to visit the pits at one time with you. That less game deserves to be commended. Race cars and tracks identical to the real to the smallest detail. Recreated as weather conditions and behavior in their cars. You can assess the atmosphere of night racing or beauty evening setting sun. Formula 1 games online free are presented on our website. Version 2010 has won deserved fame. A later version, which was released a year later, almost as good as its predecessor, except that heavy with innovations that are not always appropriate. But to make his conclusion, play games Formula 1.