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Probably everyone at least once in your life heard of a remarkable series of races called Need for Speed, which translates as "the need for speed." And most of us even played Need for speed games online, because these races provide an incredible feeling of adrenaline and energy! In these games, you tend to drive on the city at night by cars. Your goal - to reach the finish line first. Only then you will be entitled to the next level. In addition, for first place in the race you get the money that can be spent on improving your car. The first game of this famous series was developed back in 1994 and quickly conquered the world of video games. Even then, there were first fans of the game, of which eighteen years increased hundreds of times! Since that time, the fans are looking forward to the game sequels racing series. Since 1994, the government issued a fairly large number of extensions and add-ons Need for Speed. And each extension, tend to become even more popular than its predecessor. The game "need for speed" allows to plunge into the world of racing fast cars and expensive. Chase you illegally, respectively, do not be surprised if you are on the tail of the trailer police have to get away from that. In order to become a better rider, and that you could not catch one, you have to maximize your car tuned. You can earn as much money in the race, instead of improving your old car, you can just buy a new one. However, not everyone can easily part with his family car, and if you have money, upgrade it to the maximum. It turns out that the game allows you to fulfill the dream of all motorists: turn an ordinary car with a masterpiece sverhskorostey. As you know, the game Need for Speed, you usually need to buy on disk, and then install the software with the game on your computer. In this case, your computer must have a pretty good processor, a powerful graphics card and plenty of RAM. However, thanks to this website, you can enjoy the game even on not the most powerful computers, because at our site you can play the flash version of Need for Speed. Another advantage is that the flash version does not need to be installed on your computer. You can enjoy exciting race right in the window of your web browser to our site! So, you go to the page with the game and start playing the most popular racing game on the planet!