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The well-known series "Power Rangers" has been going on a lot of seasons, and now adventure colorful fighters against evil forces spread to computer reality. Like the series, the game rangers suggest battle with terrifying villains who want to take over the world or destroy it. As a rule, before getting to the main perpetrator have to fight the hordes of his minions. Fortunately, the Rangers have an amazing strength and agility, and so on toward the goal to cope with any obstacles. The player can choose the favorite ranger and help to him to be an invincible hero virtual adventures. Rangers are different in color and technique used. For example, if in the game to defend against flying fireballs, the red will be to use the sword, green exhibit Shield and Blue shoot a crossbow. In his adventures rangers often use magical powers. Many are specially trained, gaining experience points for this and doing the job of the mission. The learning process is also made into a magic game - honing skills in the use of any admission, a player can successfully use their hero has a new ability in actual combat fighting. Heroes Rangers get to the final boss in many ways. This can be a game in the style of Action, which as far as passing to throw all the enemies, collect valuable artifacts to improve their fighting ability, and at the end of the game to win a terrifying villain. In shooter games Rangers have settled in a fighting position and systematically destroy all dangerous creatures. This can be used, for example, a bow and arrows. The heroes attack fiery bird aggressive dinosaurs, monsters with machine guns, but they bravely take on the wave of the attack and destroy all enemies. There are toys, in which the Rangers are flying dragons and powerful fighting fire from the sky into a monster. Driving and fighting animals, as are the Rangers, have different qualities, which can be improved in the game. If the successful fight against the enemy accrued bonus points, then it is an option with a special shop where you can buy equipment, to open up new levels of knowledge of magic, to improve the speed, safety features and attacking quality of its equipment. Rangers games are created in the genre of fighting when one of colored soldiers fighting in close combat against some villain. You can also use the special characteristics of the characters, but always worth to watch and their level of health. In this section of the site you can find any game-related adventures Rangers.