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Games are often found in a taxi heading racing games. This is logical, because the taxi drivers - are urban drivers, which depends on the skill on, could a passenger on a plane, a train, a press conference and so on. In this case, differences still exist, as it is often a game of taxi incorporated elements simulation of life and economic strategy. Especially like to play in a taxi speed fans wishing to diversify plot additional actions. If classical race raised under tracks and check points, the taxis are free to do whatever he wants. Interesting than the usual races can only race with obstacles on rough terrain hazards and chase. But the goal remains the same - to reach the destination first. Like any business, the taxi is also held in the money back. Therefore, each new client that you picked - your income. In big cities, taxis are not uncommon, so the passengers is a real struggle. Once you see the voting at the curb, try to get it first. But this is only the beginning. There is always the risk that the passenger leaves the car at the first emergency stop, so use all available means to help avoid traffic jams, road traffic accidents and repairs. If you can avoid all the obstacles and take passengers on demand unharmed, he generously you will pay. In addition, passengers are somehow always late everywhere, and then customize the taxi driver if he is guilty, so late that they left the house. But nothing can be done, has to be accelerated. And where speeding, there and sirens of police cars. Now for you yet and the chase! To break away from it, you must know all the turns and narrow streets as lines on their palms. Well, you can always dive into the multi-level underground parking garages, which are more like mazes. The main thing, while trying to break away from the chase, do not get lost in the many transitions and levels. Another obstacle in your way will be pedestrians. Especially grandmothers dog straining at the leash, which is not going to rush. And teenagers, leaping into the street when the red traffic light. Would crush these offenders, but then one fine not Lose! Truth is the game where the crush of pedestrians - this is the goal of the game. And best of all, you can leave on the sidewalks, which are designed specifically for them. The economic essence of the game shows a taxi in the evening after the change of revenue, when you count the income. Money - it's your salary and money for gasoline to repair the machine. To be able to make carting further, we must ensure that the machine was faulty. Another version of the game is a taxi parking. Machines are becoming more and parking spaces are not enough. To drop by the restaurant, hotel, airport, near the club or other address, have to work hard to find and have time to fill in the vacant spot. Perhaps, for a parking space is even more fierce fighting than passenger. These assassins have learned to park without reducing speed, but even they are failures. Bump into someone else's car and crush the wing or left on her door a deep, unforgettable mark - the last thing that you wish the driver. Taxi Games - is gambling, dynamic, extreme games. Keeping you in suspense, they will not let boredom. And what do you need from the games in which basis the race without rules? You more passengers, and less police sirens!