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In this section we offer you a pretty exciting entertainment in the form of flash games castle defense (Tower Defense). Tower Defense, or abbreviated TD (from the English. Tower defense) - is one of the directions of the genre of computer games strategies. The task of the player is to prevent the enemy's advance and kill him before he can move through the map building towers. Towers and opponents differ in performance and price, and victory over the enemies brings money and game points that can be used to purchase items needed to upgrade the towers. As a genre of strategy, consider the selection and arrangement of the towers. For their more successful placement note mazes, which run through creeps (creeping things - the enemies) and direct approach path. Sometimes a player can create the most mazes, building them from the blocks and towers. Castle defense flash games have between them some differences. Sometimes a player can upgrade towers, leading to an increase in range, power and level simultaneously. But there is a game where each option can be adjusted individually. Sometimes enemies can resist, and their route is not due to the walls. The offensive player may be regulated, signaling at the highest readiness for this, but may also depend on their timing. Element of the economic strategy also occurs frequently, and the construction of the bank will increase the growth of money. Opponents differ in their characteristics, which require the player to additional action. Thus, a collision with a flying enemy, puts the need to create protivozdushnoy tower. Castle defense games online provide the opportunity to be on either side of the fence, driving not towers, and creeps, helping them to overcome the mazes and escape tower of the enemy. In this section contains the most popular games Defense or TD. These games do not have an original idea of ​​the gameplay, but still quite exciting. They are hard to come off, even if you have started to play out of curiosity. Since men without interest games of this kind, they will especially enjoy the capture or defense with economics. Taking either way - resistance or attack, you will perform different tasks, justified storyline. Tower Defence game will offer you so many options that even the pickiest players be able to find the version that will satisfy their needs. We are offering the game with the latest technology or repulse insects. Medieval Knights went on the warpath, and fight for the cause of honor. Along with simple controls, common to all versions of the game, you will find different games with different complexity passing. Each new level will complicate the process of moving on. To win a victory over the enemy, hire heroes and the whole army. Learn new developments in weapons technology and apply them in practice. The games are waiting for you monsters of different levels, medieval knights, fantastic heroes, wizards and magicians, insects, animals and the generation of science. Your main task - to not let the enemy territory and cut off access to the army of darkness is on the approaches to your borders. If the biological creatures can still be relatively easy to handle, the robots do not feel pain and are able to withstand even the most severe rebuff or attack.

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